Rich Evans
St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Mountain Top

Our busy lives might seem fulfilling.  But filling up a life with the constant bustle of work, as housekeeper, gardener, chef, chauffeur, parent and spouse is not the same thing as spiritual fulfillment.  We need a special place inside where we can find peace and live in harmony with the world around us.  For me, it is a battle to find that level of contentment I call equanimity, but is that not the goal of much of our prayer and worship?  To really heed and feel all of the Prayers of the People in our Liturgy, to find that level of compassion for the rest of humanity and forgiveness even for our enemies, don’t we need to find the equanimity that is at the heart of Christianity?

This pilgrimage journey invites us to find a compartment in our busy lives where we can let a Holy Fire of inner peace burn within us.  Call it a pilot light.  And let the Holy Spirit take care of the clutter that keeps you at a frenetic pace.  Slow down.  Everything does not depend on you being Superman or Superwoman.  God invites us to lighten our load.  We know who the Pilot is!  Shouldn’t we let Him lead?

Sure, pilgrimage is a metaphor for us, but in my next post I will share my thoughts about the 500 mile Camino de Santiago, a trail in Spain pilgrims have been walking to seek fulfillment for a thousand years.  I am sure their experiences will help us in our own path to unburdening and enlightenment.

May we journey together!  May we find unity of purpose and inner peace along the way, for ourselves, our parishes, our diocese, and for the Church of God!



Image Copyright: jakubcejpek / 123RF Stock Photo