Linda Rogers
Church of the Epiphany, Clarks Summit

Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things!
Psalm 72:18

On this first full day at Epiphany School we rejoiced in the changes since our last visit five years ago. Alice, the principal, gave me a tour pointing out improvements to the school’s physical plant. There is now solar power (for limited lighting) but running water is not available. The new kitchen makes meal preparation easier and safer. The added storage space offers organizational potential. And, the library improvement offers teachers and students a place to savor books and learning. Even the grounds showed change with the addition of small shrubs lining the pathway to each classroom door.

Pre-school (Nursery) students were enjoying their morning snack of hot porridge (corn mush) and a break from their learning (alphabet and numerals) as we strolled to the McMahon property. Right behind their classroom space Wayne and his team of assistants – all native Ugandans – were setting up the portable sawmill. It had been dismantled in 2010 because the decision about the organization of who would run it was in flux. The team of experienced and “rookie” workers spent most of today meeting the goal. SUCCESS! Wayne then conducted a “trial run”. After felling a poorly located avocado tree with the newly purchased chain saw, Wayne was able to cut boards from the trunk. Two successes in a long day!

The moon rose in the dark sky reminding us of the wondrous things God does in our lives.

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(Photos: porridge; pre-school lessons; Epiphany grounds; sawmill)