We are excited to invite you to a Convocation meeting with Bishop Kevin to hear about upcoming efforts to enhance the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Bethlehem during the next five years. Bishop Kevin will discuss our Five Priorities, the goals of Convocations, a format for lay and clergy leaders within Convocations to meet at its Assembly, and staffing changes in support of these efforts. The meetings will be held virtually (via Zoom) by Convocation at 6:30 p.m.

Convocation I – Tuesday, June 15 – Register
Convocation II – Monday, June 14 – Register
Convocation III – Wednesday, June 16 – Register
Convocation IV – Thursday, June 17 – Register
Convocation V – Monday, June 21 – Register
Convocation VI – Tuesday, June 22 – Register
Convocation VII – Wednesday, June 23 – Register
Convocation VIII – Thursday, June 24 – Register

For a listing of Convocations by Church, see the Convocations page on the diocesan website (diobeth.org/convocations).

The success of our diocesan vision “to build something we cannot see or know” is dependent upon you, the leaders of our diocese. We encourage you to attend if possible and to share this invitation with your congregation via your parish communications. Any questions, contact us at (610)-691-5655 or office@diobeth.org.