Jeffrey Kemmerer
Grace Allentown

One of the difficulties in studying more advanced science is the inability to relate the studies to everyday experiences and “common sense”. In many cases the topics can only be examined through the lens of mathematics. One of the first journeys down this rabbit hole comes with the study of space and time – pretty important and fundamental concepts. Despite the input of our senses telling us that there is space: north/south, east/west, up/down and there is this different thing called time, science studies tell us otherwise.

There is spacetime where space and time are equal partners of a 4 dimensional “thing”.  This is not a new concept. It was well established in the mid-1800’s and there is evidence that the Incas and other Andean civilizations clearly understood spacetime. Mathematically, spacetime is a four-dimensional, Lorentzian manifold – a description that is not particularly helpful.

I prefer the analogy forwarded by many in “ the fabric of spacetime” . We can think of spacetime as a fabric we are constantly weaving as we move forward together.

This concept has some interesting ramifications, particularly, believe it or not, for our diocesan pilgrimage.

It seems that even if we remain stationary – glued to our easy chair – we are moving through spacetime. We are creating a thread through its fabric.

Will our thread be a random strand in a chaotic jumble ? Will it be part of a dazzling geometric pattern ? Will it be part of a stunning tapestry ?

I guess the answer depends on us and how we conduct ourselves on our journey through spacetime. It also gets us back to Galatians and the need to cooperate, support and love each other on our journey.