OLD – Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is the body of lay and clergy members of the Diocese elected by the annual Diocesan Convention and authorized by the Canons of the Episcopal Church as the Bishop’s Council of Advice. The Standing Committee advises the Bishop or gives consent in matters of the disposition of property, ecclesiastical discipline, the election and consecration of Bishops, and in matters involving candidates for ordained ministry. In the absence of a Diocesan Bishop, the Standing Committee is canonically authorized to act as the Ecclesiastical Authority of the Diocese.

There are four lay and four ordained members of the committee, all of whom are elected for a four-year term.  No one so elected shall be eligible for re-election after having served two consecutive terms until after the expiration of one year.

Class of 2019

  • The Rev. Earl Trygar- St. Mark’s, Moscow
  • Liza Holzinger- St. Andrew’s, Allentown, Secretary

Class of 2020

  • The Rev. Jane Bender- All Saints, Lehighton
  • Carol C. McMullen- St. Luke’s, Scranton

Class of 2021

  • The Rev. Douglas Moyer- Christ Church, Stroudsburg, President
  • Lynne Graham- St. Paul’s, Montrose

Class of 2022

  • The Rev. Van Bankston – Good Shepherd, Milford
  • Raymond Arcario- Cathedral Church of the Nativity

Class of 2023

  • The Rev. Earl Trygar- Retired
  • Liza Holzinger- St. Andrew’s, Allentown