The Rev. Donald Schaible
St. Anne’s, Trexlertown

Life is very fast paced. So many things demand our attention. We get used to an activity level that is often frenetic. When we do get time to ourselves we often fill it with a flurry of other activities. Vacations at break-neck speed. Making the rounds with friends and family. Even sitting in the living room, we have shows, sports, and movies to catch up on.

If we do not take the time to place ourselves in a quiet place or devote time to our faith life, we are not as able to deal with all of the activity of life. At different times, God has placed people of faith into the wilderness for their own good. Like it or not, we find ourselves in the wilderness. It is a time of transition. God is inviting us to focus our attention on the more important things in life.

We can say we do not have time because our jobs and families need us. God knows that. However, God is what we need for our family’s welfare and to be successful at our jobs.



Image Copyright: goodday / 123RF Stock Photo