Canon Anne E. Kitch
Canon for Ministry Formation and Transitions

Who holds our souls in life,
and will not allow our feet to slip.
Psalm 66:8

In the darkness I hear the sound of tires on the wet street as people who have already begun their day commute to work or perhaps make their way home. Even though the dawn will be obscured by the rain, I know it will arrive just a bit earlier today.

I have come through the longest night, and as if creation knows how difficult the final leg can be, the way begins to brighten as I turn my steps toward Bethlehem and the light that shines in the darkness.

At the same time, part of the earth is fully tilted toward the sun, and somewhere else it has been the shortest night, and rather than waking to cold and dark people raise their faces to the sun.

Whether in light or darkness, warmth or cold, we now wend our inevitable way toward manger and miracle. Mary and Joseph too are on pilgrimage toward ancient homeland and the unknown, where they will find ambiguous welcome and into that uncertainty love will be born.

And the Creator of the Universe cradles us all, holding us close while setting our feet along the sure way where we cannot fail to find Christ, child and king, who has been waiting for us all along.


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