The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ?
The bread that we break, is it not a sharing in the body of Christ? Because there
is one bread, we who are many are one body, for we all partake of the one bread.

1 Corinthians 10:16-17


There has always been something romantic about the stripping of the altar to me.  Maybe it’s because Maundy Thursday is my favorite day of Holy Week, or maybe it’s because of our service at the Cathedral.  Either way, the experience of sitting and watching the altar being cleared whilst listening to the chanting voice of our Dean is when I feel closest to God.  That moment is when I know that God is with me.  I feel whole.  Knowing that I am leaving for college this fall, I know one of the things I will miss most about the Cathedral is that moment.  However, I will always have the distinct, fond memory, making me whole.

Sophie Kitch-Peck
Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem