Bishop Kevin announces the following Clergy Transitions in the Diocese of Bethlehem.  In sharing this news, he stated: “Please join me offering your gratitude for the loving and faithful service of our Clergy leaders. Together, we continue to carry out God’s mission and ministry with love, sacrifice, and service to our most vulnerable neighbors. To those transitioning to new moments in their ministry, we offer our blessing and gratitude.”

Diocesan Staff:

The Rev. Elizabeth Haynes resigned as Chaplain to the Retired Clergy effective August 31, 2023.  She will be relocating to Elizabethtown, PA.  

The Rev. Christine Sutton has been appointed as Chaplain to the Retired Clergy effective September 1, 2023.  She will continue to serve as Deacon at Prince of Peace, Dallas, and Trinity, West Pittston.

Mr. Timothy Wagner was hired as Safe Church Consultant.  He will also assist the diocese with archives and communications as needed. He will begin this part-time, contracted position in August 2023. Timothy is a small business owner and retired police detective from the Slatington Police Department.

Nativity Cathedral:

The Rev. Jennifer Burkhardt was assigned as Deacon at Nativity Cathedral, Bethlehem effective September, 2023.  She was Ordained a Vocational Deacon on June 3, 2023.

The Rev. Jane Williams has resigned as Clergy Assistant at Nativity Cathedral, Bethlehem effective June 1, 2023.


The Rev. Michele Causton was called as Priest-in-Charge of Church of the Epiphany, Glenburn effective July 1, 2023.  She was ordained a Priest on June 24, 2023.

Transitional Deacons:

The Rev. Michael Angel Molina was assigned as Deacon at Trinity Church, Easton effective September 1, 2023.  He was ordained a Transitional Deacon on June 3, 2023, and will be ordained a Priest in December 2023.

The Rev. William Stewart was called as Deacon of Good Shepherd Church, Milford effective August 1, 2023.  He was ordained a Transitional Deacon on June 3, 2023, and will be ordained a Priest in December 2023 at which time he will become Priest-in-Charge at Good Shepherd Church, Milford.

Vocational Deacons:

The Rev. Charles Barebo has been appointed as Deacon at All Saints’, Lehighton. He previously served as Deacon at Nativity Cathedral, Bethlehem and will begin discernment for ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests.   

Retirements / Resignations:

The Rev. Scott Allen retired as Rector, St. Andrew’s, Allentown on March 1, 2023.

The Rev. Lou Divis retired as Priest-in-Charge of Church of the Epiphany, Glenburn and St. Peter’s, Tunkhannock on November 20, 2022.

The Rev. Donna Larson resigned as Priest-in-Charge, Grace Church, Allentown on April 30, 2023.

The Rev. Jonathan Mayo will retire as Rector of St. George’s, Hellertown and Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Whitehall on July 31, 2023.

The Rev. Susan Treanor resigned as Priest-in-Charge, Trinity Church, Mt. Pocono on May 31, 2023.

Interim & Supply Ministry:  

The Rev. Scott Allen will provide Clergy Supply at St. Stephen’s, Whitehall effective August 1, 2023.  He previously served as Rector, St. Andrew’s, Allentown. The Rev. Abraham Valiath will also provide Clergy Supply at St. Stephen’s, Whitehall effective August 1, 2023.  

The Rev. Jerry Gaeta is providing Clergy Supply at St. Andrew’s, Allentown effective March 30, 2023.  

The Rev. George Grubb will provide Clergy Supply at St. George’s, Hellertown effective August 6, 2023.

The Rev. Barry Harte is serving as Interim Priest at St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bethlehem effective January 16, 2023. He previously served as Interim Dean & Rector of Nativity Cathedral, Bethlehem.

The Rev. William Martin is providing Clergy Supply on an interim basis at Trinity Church, Mt. Pocono effective June 1, 2023.  He previously served as Priest-in-Charge of St. Mark’s and St. John’s, Jim Thorpe.