People may want to be able to watch your livestream without having to sign up for Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t need an account in order to view your stream!

If you are administering the livestream: The first thing you’ll need to do is provide people with a direct link to your Facebook livestream. If you don’t know how to do that, check out the tutorial on How to Livestream Via Facebook Live and start watching around the 5 minute 19 second mark.

Once a person without an account follows that direct link, they’ll get one of two pages.

The first page they may get will look like this:

If they get that screen, all they need to do is scroll down to get to your videos. They can completely ignore the “Log in” or “Create New Account” message.

They also may get a page that looks like this:

In that case, they’ll just need to click the small “Not Now” below the green “Create New Account” button, and they’ll still be able to view your videos.

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