Video Tutorials

Using technology to stay in touch can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! The tutorials below are meant to help people who don’t feel comfortable with technology to start using different programs and services and empower them to work effectively while in-person services (and working from the office) is not an option.
If you’re still having trouble after watching the tutorials, or if you have questions not covered by the tutorials, email the Rev. Megan Dembi, Missioner for Communications, or call her at 610-691-5655 ext. 225.

Stay tuned for more tutorials!


Basic instructions if you don’t know how to keep one window open while working in another window. This is a helpful technique if you want to follow along with video tutorials in real-time.


Does your church want to livestream but doesn’t have a Facebook page? This tutorial will help you set up a page for your church. Please note: you will need a personal Facebook account to livestream, which this tutorial also teaches you how to do.

Have a church Facebook page and want to know how to livestream? This tutorial will help you with that. It includes a fix to a common error people experience when trying to livestream for the first time via Facebook live.

People may want to be able to watch your livestream without having to sign up for Facebook. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t need an account in order to view your stream! Learn how.

Once you’ve got your livestream set up, you’ll want people to be able to find your information and use it. Follow these steps to help people worship along with you.

Google Products

Having a Gmail account gives you access to all kinds of helpful (and free services). This tutorial will walk you through the sign up process.

Want to access your files from anywhere? This tutorial will show you how to backup your files to Google Drive safely and securely, by first turning on two-factor authentication. Note: You need a Gmail account for this.

Google has made Hangouts Meet (a more robust version of Google Hangouts that is great for video conferencing) available for free to all Gsuite users until July 1. Gsuite is not the same as Gmail. You can sign your church up for Gsuite for Nonprofits for free by following this link. Keep in mind, the process is intensive. You can use the free version of Zoom as well, but your meetings cannot last more than 40 minutes.