Since our last quarterly report in March, the Reunification Discernment Committee has completed the following work:

• Four combined convocation meetings were held throughout the diocese to present the current progress of the Committee as well as receive feedback on that work. From these meetings a list of FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) was developed. These can be found on the Reunification Discernment website at:

• The Committee has begun the work of building models of what a reunified diocese might look like, focusing on the four areas of
o The Episcopacy
o The constitution and canons
o Finances (including apportionment models)
o Geographic regions and leadership

• The Committee has scheduled two Town Hall meetings on July 9 and July 15 via zoom. These meetings are open to both the clergy and laity in both the Diocese of Bethlehem and the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania. The Committee will present a report on the progress it has made in developing the above listed models and again ask for additional feedback from the clergy and laity of both dioceses.

• On May 20 through May 22 a Joint Clergy Conference was held in Danville, Pa in order to present the clergy of both dioceses the opportunity to get to know one another.