Resolutions 2019

The following resolutions will be considered by the 148th Convention of the Diocese of Bethlehem:

Resolution on 2020 Clergy Salary Schedule

Be it resolved, that this convention recommends a minimum 1.9% cost of living increase for clergy and that the salary scale for clergy for 2020 be as follows:

Proposed 2020 Cash Stipend Range

Parish Index           Size of Parish
1-99                          Small                   $34,728 – $41,715
100-250                  Medium                $38,457 – $56,866
250-399                  Large                    $46,023 – $70,848
400 – above           X-Large                $62,109 – $100,564

Be it further resolved, that this convention recommends consideration be made for additional merit increases based on performance, as resources allow.

Respectfully Submitted by
Diocesan Council

View the Parish Index Calculation sheet.

Resolution on the Budget of the Diocese of Bethlehem

Be it Resolved, That the Assessment Rate applied to Line A, Normal Operating Income (NOI) of the 2018 Parochial Report shall be 12% in 2020

Resolved, That the Proposed Mission and Ministry Budget of the Diocese as it is presented to the Convention be adopted.

Submitted by
Diocesan Council August 2019

View the proposed budget

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