At our last Diocesan Convention, the Reunification Discernment Committee reported on their work in 2023. That work consisted primarily of gathering data within both dioceses as well as speaking with other dioceses also in the process of juncture or reunification. Recognizing there was still much more work to do before the Committee could make a recommendation, the Conventions of both Bethlehem and Central Pennsylvania passed resolutions charging the Reunification Discernment Committee with preparation of recommendations regarding reunification to be presented to the Conventions in Fall 2024. Beginning in January, the Reunification Discernment Committee has been collating the data and begun the process of developing models of what a reunified Episcopacy, staff, Constitution, Canons, properties, and Finances (including operating budget, endowments, special funds and apportionment) might look like.

In support of this work, the sub-groups of the Reunification Discernment Committee have begun reaching out to others in both dioceses to assist in this work. In addition, the Committee also believed it is essential to obtain feedback from as many members of both dioceses as possible as this work progresses. As such, members of the Reunification Discernment Committee will make presentations as to where we are at this point and ask for feedback at all of the Convocations in both dioceses. Three such meetings have already taken place for Convocations 2, 3, 7, and 8 in the Diocese of Bethlehem. Four additional meetings are scheduled next month. It is important for as many people as possible (especially those elected as delegates to the 2024 Convention) to attend these meetings.

The April schedule is as follows:

  • April 9 @ 3 pm: Convocation 1 at Christ Church, Towanda
  • April 13 @11 am: Convocation 4 at Trinity, Mt. Pocono
  • April 18 @ 6 pm: Convocation 6 at St. Gabriel’s, Douglassville
  • April 20 @ 11 am: Convocation 5 at Trinity, Pottsville