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Trinity Soup Kitchen Returns to Roots to Help Those in Need

As the coronavirus continues to spread in the Lehigh Valley, Trinity Soup Kitchen, a ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church in Bethlehem, has been working to serve those in need safely. “The soup kitchen isn’t just soup,” said Elizabeth Russo, Coordinator of Trinity Soup Kitchen. “It is friendships and support-both material and emotional.” When the COVID-19 pandemic led ...Read More

Trinity Soup Kitchen During COVID-19

The Soup Kitchen at Trinity Bethlehem continues to serve daily meals to those in need in their community, with extra precautions taken (such as offering takeout only and wearing masks) to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible. Thanks to Liz Russo (Interim Soup Kitchen Coordinator), Wayne Cobos, Dave Howell, Terry Kelly, Mark Levy, Mark Levy, Mike Rabucha, Doug ...Read More

How to set up a Zoom meeting

Before you set up your meeting, check out How to Set Up Meeting Defaults, and Best Practices for Worship or Best Practices for Small Groups Ready to schedule a meeting to livestream worship or hold a small-group gathering? This video tutorial will walk you through the steps. Find this and other helpful tutorials at ...Read More

Best Practices for Small Groups

Setting up fellowship Meetings Think about hosting a dinner party where 50 people are sitting around the same round table and you, as the host, are trying to ensure that every single person is participating in the same conversation with the entire group, rather than breaking into side conversations. It would be chaotic and likely ...Read More

Best Practices for Worship

Here are some important things to note when creating worship opportunities via zoom: Don’t allow participant video or audio Though it can be tempting to try to allow people to participate via audio and video if you’re using Zoom to stream your worship services, this is rarely a good idea. Consider these factors: It is ...Read More

Setting Meeting Defaults

These are the default settings I recommend you change for your Zoom account. This simply means that when you schedule a meeting, these are the options that it will default to. You can easily change these options for individual meetings when you schedule them. My hope is that these changes create a balance between wanting ...Read More